Yearly Membership

Yearly membership cost $620* and includes:

Monday Spin VIHA Cook Street – 6-7:15 PM
Tuesday Run UVIC – 6-7 PM
Wednesday Spin VIHA Cook Street 6-7:15 PM
Saturday Outdoor Ride 9AM -? Lochside Elementary
Saturday Indoor Ride – VIHA Mt Newton Cross Roads 8:30 or 9-11AM
Sunday afternoon Swim – 3:00-4:30PM Crystal Pool

Spin only:                                                        $495
Monday/Wednesday only:                         $295
Saturday only:                                               $250
Tuesday night run group (season):           $95

*Price accomodations can be made for those who wish to mix and match.
Contact for pricing options.

Swim Program Pricing

Drop in                =  $10
1 swim/week     = $35 a month
2 swims/week  = $60 a month
3 swims/week  = $80 a month
4 swims/week  = $95 a month
5 swims/week  = $100 a month (This only applies when Sunday swims are going)
Sunday only      = $30 (includes 30 minute dry land session prior to swim)

Individual Coaching

Prices for individual coaching range from $150-$250 per month.

Info about our coaches can be found here:


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